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Welcome to the home page of Scrabble, Rip & Jumble   and forever in my heart Puzzle, Cedar, Jinx and Kroosh

We are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

I am in good standing and hold memberships in the following clubs:

Golden Retriever Club of Alberta (30 +years)

Golden Retriever Club of Canada (15 + years)

Golden Retriever Club of American (14 + years) 

I hope you enjoy my website, I'd love to hear any comments you may have.

Leanne Tucker

Fall 2020

Scrabble at 7 and Puzzle at 12

The boys Cedar, Scrabble and Puzzle 2014

Leanne Tucker and the Golden Retrievers that share my home

Jinx, Cedar and Puzzle enjoying time on Nose Hill 2008

Cedar and Jinx at the lake

Fish Creek Park Nov 2009 Puzzle & Cedar (November and no snow!!!!)

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