Tucker Golden Retrievers


   Jinx   -    April 16,1999  - October 20,2008                  

Rest well my sweet boy, miss you so much   

Can CH Tasmara Golden Highjinxs CD WC AGN AGNS AGNJS           


  Jinx Sept 30 2008


Jinx came to me from Cathy Barlow of Tasmara Goldens.  He was born April 16, 1999 

He is by Am/Can Pacificgold's The Dance (Brooks) X  CH Tasmara Thunderstruck (Tilley)

  see: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=31246 for his pedigree

Jinx was a sweet boy with a strong will.  Unfortunatly due to elbow problems he was retired.    He loved swimming, beating up his buddy Cedar and  eating almost anything...as long as it resembleds food (and then sometimes that didn't really matter!!)


jinx with his bumper

saucy jinx


Jinx turns 9 - April 16,2008

Cedar and Jinx at the park July 2008

following the path to the car

close up July 2008

Jinx at the 2007 US national